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Catherine Stedman

I was born into an artistic culture.  My great grandfather was a blacksmith so perhaps metalwork is in my bones!  I studied ceramics in Penwith then started to make small pieces of jewellery for myself using glass and silver.  I started my business in 2004 when I took in a selection of chains to Pebbles gallery in St Ives.  They took the lot, and I have been selling in their galleries ever since.  I am a member of The Cornwall Crafts Association which has galleries in Trelowarren and Trelissick.  Each piece of jewellery is designed and made by hand, by me to my own high standards.  My jewellery, especially the 18ct gold is reminiscent of ancient treasure found on the moors around my home, and I hope that the pieces I make will be treasured and last as long as these.  Each piece is unique, beaten by me so that each link will never be the same as another so each piece is a precious thing that only you shall own.

N.B. All of Catherine's work is made to order, please enquire for more details i.e. sizes etc.



Picture of CS1000
Silver Chain Necklace

£170.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1077
Silver Chain Earrings

£48.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1099
Cornish Chough Stud Earrings

£30.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1078
Flower Bangle

£96.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1064
Large Flower Necklace

£60.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1014
Flower Bangle

£94.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1003
Silver Chain Necklace

£150.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1061
Silver Chain Bracelet

£70.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1002
Silver Chain Necklace

£110.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1084
Silver Chain Necklace

£150.00 (GBP)


Picture of CS1021a
Silver earrings

£48.00 (GBP)

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