Talma Keshet

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Talma Keshet is a much admired leading Israeli designer and manufacturer of high quality hand made gold and sterling silver jewelry.  Her company was founded in 1994.
From then until my retirement when my shops were closed in 2016, Pebbles exhibited a large collection of Talma's jewellery.  As a result we have a library of photos of her designs taken from that period. Although unfortunately we are unable to offer any pieces of genuine Talma Keshet jewellery, other than those indicated on her page here, it may be possible to commission pieces similar to some of Talma's designs made by another expert jeweller.  So if you have a favourite piece you have lost or any other enquiries, please contact us as it's likely we have a photo from which a similar piece may be made. 



Picture of TK1471
Garnet ring

£93.00 (GBP)


Picture of TK1468
Garnet ring

£93.00 (GBP)


Picture of TK1399
Pearl pendant

£140.00 (GBP)


Picture of TK1233
Heart pendant

£144.00 (GBP)


Picture of TK1154
Flower ring

£169.00 (GBP)


Picture of TK1142
Flower ring

£198.00 (GBP)

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